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Famous Diamonds of the World

Famous Diamonds of the World November 19, 2015

Beautiful and Unusual Gemstones of History

Recently, the third largest rough diamond ever was found in Botswana by the Lucara Diamond mining company. The stone has an incredible 1,111 carats. This unnamed diamond is the largest to have been found in over 100 years and has the potential to produce beautiful jewelry from its final cut. To celebrate this momentous discovery, the diamond experts of Donn Powers Jeweler in South Milwaukee have decided to take a look at some of the other famous diamonds of the world.

Famous Diamonds


Allnatt Diamond
This yellow diamond from South Africa is more than 100 carats. When sold at auction in 1996, the beautifully cushion cut gem was worth $3 million.
Amarillo Starlight Found in 1972, this is the largest diamond to have been found at the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park. Originally more than 16 carats, the cut stone came in at 7.54 carats in a marquise shape.
Cullinan Diamond Discovered on January 26, 1905, this white diamond was the largest ever discovered. It was eventually cut into more than 105 different stones including the Great Star of Africa. Many of the larger stones have become part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.
DeYoung Red Diamond Initially believed to be a regular garnet, this gem is in fact the third largest red diamond in the world. Purchased at a flea market, the stone is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Gem and Mineral Collection.
Eureka Diamond As the name suggests, the Eureka Diamond was the first diamond found in South Africa, starting a diamond rush and leading to many other famous diamonds as a result. The stone was donated to the people of South Africa for its historical importance and is currently on display at the Kimberley Mine Museum.
Golden Jubilee Diamond This gem has the distinction of being the largest cut diamond in the world at 545.67 carats. It is also notable for its rare yellow-brown color.
Hope Diamond Also known as the King’s Jewel, the Blue of France, and the Tavernier Blue, the Hope Diamond is famous for its beautiful blue color and supposed curse. Past owners have supposedly met with misfortune, though the stone itself faced far more problems than its owners. Starting as the Tavernier Blue, it was recut by the King of France around 1678. Then known as the French Blue, the diamond was stolen during the French Revolution and cut again. Finally, what we now know as the Hope Diamond reappeared around 1812. After a series of private owners, the diamond came to rest at the Smithsonian as part of the National Gem Collection.
Koh-i-Noor This diamond, over 793 carats uncut, was originally part of a Hindu statue. The stone was looted and passed through the hands of many, before being surrendered by a Maharaja to the Queen of England. As a result, the diamond is now part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.
Lesotho Promise This stone, found in 2006, was the largest diamond found in the 21st century and is the 16th largest ever after the discovery of the diamond in Botswana. The crystal was cut into a total of 26 gems.
Regent Diamond Like the Hope Diamond, the Regent is believed to be cursed. Part of France’s crown jewels, the stone was stolen and has belonged to Marie Antoinette and Napoleon before being displayed at the Louvre.
Sancy This diamond is pale yellow and 55.23 carats. The gem was part of the Portuguese Crown Jewels and passed through the hands of many royal European families before finally being sold to the Louvre in France. The Sancy can be found there today in the Galerie d’Apollon (Apollo Gallery) for all visitors to see.
Sergio This stone has the distinction of being the larges rough diamond ever found at 3,167 carats. As a carbonado, it is known as a Black Diamond for its dark color.

Make Your Diamonds Noteworthy

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