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South Milwaukee Jewelry Repairs and Appraisals

Trusted Jewelry Appraisals in South MilwaukeeSouth Milwaukee jewelry repair

Donn Powers Jeweler’s highly skilled and experienced G.I.A. Certified Gemologist provides accurate and reliable South Milwaukee jewelry appraisals. Appraisals are necessary to determine the value of your fine jewelry and should only be performed by your trusted jeweler, Donn Powers Jeweler. Whether it’s a jewelry insurance or estate appraisal, diamond grading, certifications, buying, or selling, Donn Powers Jeweler provides professional, detailed and accurate appraisals. We have the experience necessary to provide the proper documentation needed for your appraisal needs. From watches to pearls and diamond engagement rings, we appraise them all!

Jewelry Repair Services South Milwaukee Relies On

Watch and jewelry repairs are Donn Powers Jeweler’s area of expertise. If you have an old piece of jewelry which needs sizing or an old pocket watch you’d love to restore, stop by our South Milwaukee jewelry store today, we love a good jewelry challenge. Trust your hometown jeweler, Donn Powers for all your jewelry repair needs.

Donn Powers Jeweler is your top choice for jewelry repairs and watch repairs in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. We offer watch movement replacements, crowns, stems, crystals, overhauls on quartz, mechanical and pocket watch repairs, all performed on the premises. Our batteries are guaranteed for one year after they are installed. We offer an express service and your jewelry repair can be completed in 2 days. If other jewelers won’t repair your item, bring it to Donn Powers Jeweler.

Repairing Your Wedding Day

Everyone has heard the story of the woman who dropped her engagement ring in the sink and accidentally turned on the garbage disposal. It’s heartbreaking to think about such a precious piece of jewelry being lost forever and while this anecdotal tale is entirely possible, there is hope for the ring. Whether you need a major jewelry repair or just need resizing, Donn Powers Jewelers has the skillset to make certain your jewelry is as beautiful as the day you got it.  Donn Powers Jewelers has years of experience repairing jewelry including diamond engagement rings, neckaces, watches and more!

Ring Sizing Store in the Milwaukee Area

We provide ring sizing for men and women. Don't go another day with a ring you can't wear. Stop by our South Milwaukee jewelry store today and we'll adjust it to the correct size. The average timeline is 2 weeks, but we do offer an express service, where your repair or sizing will be completed in 2 days.  A loose ring is just as troublesome as a tight ring. Too tight and you can’t wear it. Too loose and you might lose it. Make it just right at Donn Powers Jewelers.

Ring Sizing Milwaukee

South Milwaukee Chain Repairs for Broken Necklaces and Bracelets

We provide jewelry chain repairs for a wide-range of chain styles. Whether you need links added, removed or a new clasp, rely on the jewelers at Donn Powers to repair your chain to like new condition. You’ll be really impressed with the quality of the repair which will be perfect in every regard. You can’t go wrong when you turn to our South Milwaukee repair specialists for your next chain repair.

Also, ask us about our Lifetime Guarantee on the Gold Chains that we sell!

Jewelry Chain Repair Milwaukee

Jewelry Prong Setting Work Completed at our South Milwaukee Store

We provide jewelry prong setting work in a variety of styles. We have the skills and experience necessary for the perfect finish to your jewelry. You should never have to worry about losing your precious gem because of a missing prong. The beauty and security of the piece will be fully and beautifully restored by our South Milwaukee jewelry repair experts.

Jewelry Prong Setting Work Milwaukee

Bead and Pearl Stringing Services in South Milwaukee

Pearl restringing is necessary every few years to preserve their quality or to ensure the durability of your strand. Don’t neglect this essential and very affordable service. Especially for an older heirloom necklace, having this simple bead or pearl repair completed will guarantee you against a heartbreaking loss.

Pearl Stringing Milwaukee

Stone Replacements for Rings, Necklaces and Earrings

Our stone replacements services are flawlessly executed to ensure the perfect jewelry piece for you or your loved one. Some settings are as precious to you as the gem they hold. Donn Powers will help you select the perfect replacement, creating a new sparkle and beauty for your ring, necklace or earrings.

South Milwaukee Stone Replacement Services

Jewelry Engraving Services for the Milwaukee Area

Customize any piece of jewelry with our jewelry engraving services. Whether it's for a wedding band or pocket watch, our jewelers will add the perfect touch making it truly a one-of-a-kind item. The piece itself is memorable and the engraving can be a source of wonderful memories for years to come. Donn Powers will help make the piece precious to you in every way.

Jewelry Engraving Milwaukee

Watch Repairs Milwaukee Counts On Time and Time Again

Watch repairs is our area of expertise. We can repair your old pocket watch or any other style of watch for an affordable price. Restoring old watches can be so heart-warming especially when it belonged to a loved one who is no longer with us. Their memory lives on in a wonderfully-restored and repaired watch. Let it keep eternal time for you!

Watch Repairs Milwaukee

Donn Powers Jeweler is your best solution for quality jewelry repair in South Milwaukee. We even offer an express service to complete your jewelry repairs in as little as 2 days. If you need a piece of fine jewelry repaired right away, bring it to Donn Powers Jeweler.

Contact the South Milwaukee's top jeweler today for affordable and reliable jewelry repair solutions.

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