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Custom Jewelry Design in South Milwaukee

South Milwaukee Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelers Milwaukee Relies on for Unique Jewelry Pieces

Our custom design process at Donn Powers Jeweler is exciting. An initial design is drawn up based on features you want and after additional details are discussed, the designer hand carves a wax model of the ring. This wax model gives you the chance to see what your finished jewelry will look like three-dimensionally. 

Once the wax model is approved by the customer, the designer attaches a small wax sprue onto the piece. He then puts the wax model into a flask and pours a liquid mixture called "investment" carefully over the wax model. The investment hardens overnight, and the next day goes into a kiln dissipating the wax material. The empty cavity is then filled with the molten metal creating the perfect custom design piece of art.

Once the metal is poured and cooled, gemstones of your choice can be added to the jewelry. For a finishing touch, an engraving can add even more to your piece.  A beautifully crafted, custom designed jewelry piece takes no longer than 4 weeks to complete. This short process means you can have the perfect gift just in time for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. Nothing expresses "you are my one and only" better than a custom jewelry design.

Custom Made Jewelry - Beautiful for Any Bride

When you want to give a gift of a lifetime, Donn Powers Jeweler’s custom jewelry designs are a great choice. Custom jewelry is one of the best options to personalize the way you express your love. Our Bridal Engagement Collection has a wide variety of rings to choose from, and engraving rings with wedding dates or loving messages adds a personal touch. A wedding band can be made to match an engagement ring or a family keepsake can be updated to a modern declaration of love. Whether it’s an engraved ring or a vintage diamond engagement ring, our jewelry designers will make certain it’s exactly how you envisioned it, perfect!

It’s not just brides who benefit from Donn Powers Jeweler custom designs. Though our Men’s Wedding Band Collection is extensive, there’s nothing quite like having a custom ring made. Grooms can match their bride-to-be or simply have a piece of jewelry made to better reflect their style and taste. Men's jewelry can also be engraved as a gift.

We’ve transformed family heirlooms into timeless pieces of art. We’ve restored once worn diamonds into elegant, innovative jewelry pieces.  Stop by our South Milwaukee jewelry showroom today, we would love to discuss your jewelry desires!

Sketch, Wax and Final product in one!                                                                                        
Preston Waxing
Contact your South Milwaukee jeweler, Donn Powers Jeweler, today for a custom jewelry design.

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