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Triton Jewelry South Milwaukee

Where Art Meets Engineering

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Triton Men's Jewelry

The Donn Powers Jeweler line of Triton jewelry is designed with equal parts quality craftsmanship and innovation. Each piece is artistically inspired with high-tech engineering designs to stand out from traditional men’s jewelry. Triton jewelry utilizes top quality metals providing industrial strength and long lasting durability.

Triton is a leading designer of contemporary chic and masculine metal jewelry. Their patented technology allows them to bend metal and materials into inspired designs you won’t find anywhere else. The long-lasting nature of Triton rings make them perfect for representing your everlasting love as a wedding band. These rings have modern style and strength beyond regular men’s jewelry pieces.

Stand out with a contemporary Triton ring. The variety of colors and edgy designs set your style apart from more traditional jewelry. You can select from solid colored bands to those with engraved designs or inset gems for a completely unique look.

Our Triton line of jewelry is made from the following metals:

These durable rings are scratch resistant, making them suitable for anyone to wear without worrying about damage. No more do men have to worry about ruining a ring while working around heavy machinery or power tools. Give the gift of a lifetime to the special man in your life and buy him a Triton ring today.

Accessorize your Triton ring with one of our industrial Caterpillar watches for men.

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