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Royal Chain Necklaces South Milwaukee

Shop Royal Chain Necklaces in 10K and 14K gold with a lifetime guarantee at South Milwaukee Jeweler Donn PowersRegal Gold Jewelry Pieces

Donn Powers Jeweler has been carrying the stylish and beautiful Royal Chain necklaces for over 30 years. Royal Chain Group offers a wide assortment of high quality 10K and 14K gold jewelry. Royal Chain Group is a direct importer of quality karat gold jewelry while offering a lifetime guarantee.

The Royal Chain Group not only links quality chains, they link the latest fashion trends with their growing collections.  Their alternative metal jewelry has become increasingly popular over time and continues to expand every year. As a proud Royal Chain Group dealer, we offer a large selection of gold and sterling silver jewelry with an assorted offering of classic and fashion pieces especially for South Milwaukee.

Beautiful, Simple Designs

Donn Powers Jeweler's Royal Chain collection carries forth timeless beauty.  A gold or sterling silver chain delineates elegant simplicity and should be a part of everyone's wardrobe. Turn a piece from the Royal Chain collection into a gift perfect for any occasion. These gold and sterling silver chains can be used for everything from daily wear to bridal jewelry sets. These chains are suitable Mother’s Day and anniversary gifts as well.

A Royal Chain necklace pairs nicely with a set Galatea pearl earrings or a new designer bag from Debbie Brooks. Donn Powers Jeweler is the premier jeweler South Milwaukee counts on for gold and sterling silver jewelry and accessories.

Price Range: Starting at $75.00

Stop by our South Milwaukee Jewelers today and enhance your gold jewelry assortment!

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