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Men's Wedding Bands and Fashion Jewelry


Triton Tungsten Bands, Stainless Steel Pendants and Bracelets for Men

Donn Powers Jeweler recognizes men’s jewelry is appreciated just as is women’s thereby offering a unique line of men’s fashion jewelry. Our stainless steel cross pendants come in various styles and are great masculine accessories. The stainless steel link bracelets are classic pieces designed for everyday use yet elegant enough for any occasion. From our carbon fiber bracelet to our stainless steel link bracelet, our men’s fashion jewelry collection is suitable for all.

Our premier Triton Jewelry line consists of artistically inspired men’s wedding bands. Each wedding band is constructed with advanced engineering designs which portray an industrial strength feel and look. Frederick Goldman’s diamond rings for men are handcrafted with excellence creating the ring of a lifetime.

Go Gold

From 24kt gold to white, yellow, and rose gold variations, the classic gold ring is still the most popular choice for men’s wedding bands. If your bride-to-be is hoping for traditional wedding bands, gold is the way to go. Donn Powers Jeweler experts can even help restore an old family wedding band back to its original shine to keep a family tradition alive for generations of happy weddings.

Pure Platinum

Similar to white gold, platinum has a white color which stands out from other jewelry. It has the benefit of being stronger than gold, meaning your ring is less likely to be scratched or gouged accidentally over time. A platinum wedding band will compliment your bride’s diamond ring well.

Tough Tungsten

Tungsten Carbide has become one of the most popular materials for men’s wedding bands. The extra strength in this metal results in longer lasting rings that can withstand daily wear no matter what you do. Wear it while working hard or playing hard without fearing damage. Although tungsten rings cannot be resized due to their material, Donn Powers Jeweler has a large collection of men’s rings suitable for any future groom. The Triton designer collection uses two different tungsten types for greater variety.

Total Titanium

Titanium is a lightweight alternative to tungsten while still containing the brighter colors of platinum and white gold. Get a matching set of titanium rings for you and your fiancé, as this metal is suitable for both men and women. As one of the strongest metals on earth, it is an excellent way to physically represent your love.

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