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Sterling Silver Jewelry


South Milwaukee Area Jewelry Store offers a Timeless Collection of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver jewelry pieces make up one of Donn Powers Jeweler’s most timeless collections.  Since pure or fine silver is considered too soft, various other metals are alloyed with silver to provide greater strength and durability. Depending on the secondary material, the silver may be less likely to experience tarnish or corrosion. Available in countless different styles, sterling silver is a favorable metal for jewelry due to its high quality features and affordability.

Donn Powers Jeweler offers a huge selection of sterling silver necklaces, rings, and earrings.  Our sterling silver and gemstone pieces  offer a great opportunity to add color to your usual palette. The cool color of silver can be paired with many different gemstones, from clear diamonds to sparkling rubies or sapphires, leaving you a lot of variety. If you are looking for the perfect gift, Donn Powers Jeweler's sterling silver heart pendant and dangle heart earrings make a great gift.

Affordable, Stylish Silver

Silver is favored in jewelry making for being more affordable than white gold or platinum with a visually similar appearance. The alloyed material can help the piece last longer while the silver itself is easy to repair in the event of dents or scratches. Silver jewelry needs occasional polishing to remove tarnish, though certain base materials will reduce how often cleanings are required.

Be sure to shop our bridal collection and engagement rings. Our bridal collection offers a variety of vintage inspired engagement rings guaranteeing an enthusiastic “yes”! Your one of a kind love should have a one of a kind engagement ring.

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